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mercoledì 25 marzo 2009

That's A Plenty - December Band 1965


That's A Plenty - December Band 1965
Many of you might wonder " What's a band like this doing here?" Well, members of a jazz club in Connecticut decided to organize a concert and invite several musicians from New Orleans who were all there together with the great jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Sidney Bechet and others. These musicians still lived in New Orleans and more or less kept the tradition alive. So here is a sample how jazz was played in the twenties and still in the sixties.
Kid Thomas Valentine trumpet, Jim Robinson trombone, Capt John Handy alto sax and Sammy Penn drums
They were accompanied with local musiciaans who were a full generation younger but had great appreciation, respect and the ability to play in style with these grand old jazz masters.
Sammy Rimmington clarinet, Bill Sinclair piano, Dick Griffith banjo, and Dick McCarthy bass.

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