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sabato 14 marzo 2009

Bennie Carling family jazz Band

Tulsa Blues – Carlings 1986
In this clip you hear two performances of this obscure blues. First the performance by the Carling family as they perceived it and second the original recording as played in 1924 by Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra. I had never heard this tune before and I’m always amazed how father Hans must have picked this in his training to have the young family become comfortable with early jazz material.
I wish I had known of this tune in my days with the Climax Jazz Band. It would have gotten it a permanent spot on our repertoire. I hope that many today’s trad bands after listening to these two versions decide to do so.
Even though the Carling Family is so young in these 1986 clips they show a maturity in their performance level that is far beyond most bands I have listened to in my life.
A great future is in store for them which is now proven when you see and hear them in today’s clips

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