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venerdì 27 marzo 2009

St Louis Blues-Muggsy Spanier

St Louis Blues Spanier 1964
Trumpet player Muggsy Spanier is specially renowned through his 1939 recordings which were called "The Great Sixteen".
When I was in my late teens I heard most of it on 78's and many of the bands used these 16 tunes as the basis of their repertoire, including our Dutch Swing College Band.
They say that Muggsy played predictably, this might be true to some extent, but he certainly had his own style.
In this clip we have Darnell Howard on clarinet, Ralph Hutchinson (maybe?) on trombone, certainly Joe Sullivan on piano and also some unique bass work by the one and only Pops Foster. I don't recognize the drummer.
Sorry about the picture quality, but the combination of these historic pictures with reasonably good sound is certainly worth this display

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