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giovedì 26 marzo 2009

Bob Cats Who's Sorry Now

Who's Sorry Now Bob Cats 1951

The 1935-1942 period was Crosby's heyday, with his band featuring such classic soloists as Yank Lawson, Billy Butterfield, Eddie Miller, Matty Matlock, Irving Fazola, Joe Sullivan, Bob Zurke, Jess Stacy, and Muggsy Spanier. During an era when swing was the thing and New Orleans jazz was considered by many to be ancient history, Crosby's crew led the way to the eventual New Orleans revival. Such classic recordings as "South Rampart Street Parade" and "What's New" (both composed by bassist Bob Haggart) along with the many Dixieland stomps kept the band quite popular. The orchestra broke up in late 1942,
At times the Bob Cats were together again in different personnel settings.
In these film clips 1951 bassist Bob Haggart organized a session that consisted out of the following musicians:
Billy Butterfield trumpet, Matty Matlock clarinet, Eddie Miller tenor sax, Warren smith trombone, Jess Stacy piano, Nappy Lamare guitar, Bob Haggart bass and Ray Bauduc drums

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