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domenica 29 marzo 2009

Struttin' With... - The Harlem Ramblers 1982, H. Lyttelton

...Some Barbecue, 1982, featuring Humphrey Lyttelton tp and Henry Chaix p.

The Harlem Ramblers Dixieland Jazzband from Zurich, Switzerland was founded in 1955, and, after various changes, settled down in 1969 to a well knit group. The band members were Guenter Sellenath (Tp), Tabis Bachmann (Cl), Thedy Schuetz (Tb), Chris Mitchell (Bj), John Treichler (B), and Gerry Ceccaroni (Dr).

The band is still going strong with the hard core of Guenter, Thedy, Chris, and Gerry. The newest members are Hans Schlaepfer on Bass since 2002, and since 2005, Wastl Berger, Clarinet and Saxophone. For more information, please visit the Homepage.

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