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lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

South Firehouse Five plus Two

South Firehouse Five plus Two 1951
In the early period of the Firehouse Plus Two a number of fimclips were issued. We see the band perform the classic jazz standard "South"
The Firehouse Five Plus Two was a Westcoast style Dixieland band, more or less based on the revival style set by Lu Watters, Turk Murphy and Bob Scobey in the 1940s. This band was popular in the 1950s, consisting of members of the Walt Disney Studios animation department; Danny Alguire, cornet, Harper Goff, banjo, Ward Kimball, trombone, Clarke Mallery, clarinet, Monte Mountjoy, drums, Ed Penner, tuba and Frank Thomas, piano.
Later, other Disney artists joined in; George Probert, Dick Roberts, Ralph Ball and George Bruns.
The band recorded at least thirteen LP albums, starting in 1955. The last album, "Live at Earthquake McGoon's" was recorded in 1970 in San Francisco.

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