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lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

Royal Garden Blues. Eddie Condon

Royal Garden Blues Condon 1964
Eddie Condon and his All Stars .To me this was the most exciting band when I was in my twenties. We had a jazz band in the early sixties and we tried to play stylistically just like that. Obviously we managed reasonably good. We became winners of the Dutch AVRO radio jazz competiton with a special mention by famous jazz critic Michael de Ruyter on my playing in the Wild Bill Davison style. Our price was a concert in the The Hague Kurhaus Concert Hall with jazz clarinettist Albert Nicholas in 1965.
Naturally Wild Bill Davison was my hero, and even today, more than 40 years later I still get excited hearing him play, then with this clip also being able to see him in action is that extra dimension. Absolutely wonderful. Eddie had different musician combinations in his groups but particularly with Bill on trumpet, Edmund Hall on clarinet and Cutty Cutshall was their hottest one.
I wish I could sit with my trombonist from those years and see this clip together. Jan Meeuwisse, I lost contact, hope he is still alive, was totally addicted to Cutty Cutshall.
In this recording, which I had never seen before, was made around 1964. In the rhythm group are Willy The "Lyon" Smith on piano, Al Hall on the bass and one of the greatest dixieland drummers, you guessed it, George Wettling.
Typical of many of the Eddie Condon recordings. One doesn't hear much of Eddie's 4 string guitar playing. He was there, but probable just for encouragement, with a glass of whiskey working on his memoires.
Enough said. I'm going to listen to this hot "Royal Garden Blues" again

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