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mercoledì 21 gennaio 2009

Peanuts Hucko:That's A Plenty

That’s a Plenty – Peanuts Hucko All Stars 1986

This is one of these sessions musicians used to do in the night jazz clubs in New York and Chicago in the forties and fifties. Guests would come in the club and jam sessions would last into the early morning hours. Now they all have reached All Star status and usually it is impossible to get someting like that to happen. The Swiss do make that happen. At the famous Bern Jazz Festival the organizers just make that possible and it is of course lots of fun for the musicians as well. And what a gang it is! The oldest is Wild Bill Davison together with Yank Lawson, six years younger, on trumpets, joined by a youngster from the next generation, and one of the very best, Warren Vache on cornet. On trombones you see George Masso and Bill Allred. Peanuts Hucko plays clarinet, his collegue Bob Wilber is on curved soprano sax, while the great Danny Moss plays the tenor sax. One of the best rhythm groups around. One of the great stride players, Ralph Sutton piano, Bucky Pizzarelli guitar, Jack Lesberg bass and Gus Johnson drums. Not just some great jazz to listen to, but also the excitement of the spontanuous interaction between the players during the different solos.

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