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martedì 20 gennaio 2009

Muggsy Spanier: Beale Street Blues

Beale Street blues Spanier 1964

The band sets in with W.C. Handy's Beale Street Blues. Muggsy stopped the playing, wasn't happy with the 'sloppy' start and off they go again
Darnell Howard on clarinet played in the King Oliver Dixie Syncopator's in the late twenties.
He plays in that wonderful New Orleans style of Barney Bigard and Albert Nicholas who were in that Oliver band as well. They probably all played the Albert system clarinet.
You have to ask clarinettist Woodie Allen.
There is some terrific slapping by bassist Pops Foster. This kind of playing is not heard much any more in jazz,but Pops was the master.
Another forgotten obscurity is Joe Sullivan. He is probably one of the most creative and original early jazz style players.
In the early seventies Time-Life Records produced a set of 28 LP sets ( 3 albums plus a book in each set) called the Giants of Jazz. Featured pianists were Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington but Time Life ( and these specialists working for them at the time certainly knew) also produced a 3 record set featuring Joe Sullivan.
Very little on film that I know, but yes....Here is Joe.

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