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giovedì 22 gennaio 2009

Pat Halcox :Star Dust

Stardust Barber Chris/ Halcox Pat 1990?
A wonderful rendition of Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust done by the Britisch cornetplayer Pat Halcox. Very good close-up camera work make you feel you're standing on stage right next to Pat.
Pat Halcox has been in the Chris Barber Band since the early days in 1954.
Pat was actually reluctant to join the band because he had finished his studies in chemistry and felt he owed it to his parents to stay in that profession, rather than joining a professional jazz band.
Today in January 2007, I just checked their website, Pat Halcox is still playing trumpet in the band and Chris Barber's band is doing 14 concerts in concert halls and theatres this month in the Netherlands and Germany, I think still the most succesfull jazz band in Europe, if not the world.
I've been following Pat's tasteful approach all my music-playing life and although I never met him personally, I learned a lot from him and he has always been a great inspiration.
Congratulations to Pat and his mate Chris who were both born in 1930 and managed to stay on top in their field all their working life!
Una favola!

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