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lunedì 19 gennaio 2009

SOL Blues

Jim Cullum SOL Blues
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S.O.L. Blues Cullum 1985 The Jim Cullum' Jazz Band. This is from the mid period in the career of this fabulous jazz band. Jim Cullum started in his father's band, the Happy Jazz Band around 1960 (JIm Cullum Sr was a clarinet player). In 80ies Jim Jr changed to the current name and the band is probably the best jazz band in the US. For the last number of years Jim has been broadcasting from his own club "The Landing" in San Antonio, Texas and these programs are available via the internet. Jim Cullum's website is and further directions come from that site In these Jim Cullum clips which were taped during an outside concert in 1985 Cullum had the following musicians in the band. Most of the musicians stayed with Cullum for several years and then often continued to start their own solo career. Next to Jim on cornet are Allen Vache clarinet, Randy Reinhart trombone and cornet, John Sheridan piano, Howard Elkins banjo and tenor guitar, (Howard is still in the band), James Hunter bass and Ed Torres drums.

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