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mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

Ory's Creole Trombone - Turk Murphy/Climax JB 1979

Ory's Creole Trombone - Turk Murphy/Climax JB 1979

Climax Jazz Band in a TV performance in 1979 featuring trombonist Turk Murphy.
Climax Jazz Band with Bob Erwig cnt, Jim Buchmann clt, Geoff Holmes tbne, Jack Vincken bjo, Chris Daniels bass and Max Littlejohns drums

I started playing trumpet in Holland in 1951 and I became interested in jazz. 'Ory's Creole trombone' was a tune (first recorded in 1927 by Louis Armstrong's Hot Five with composer Kid Ory on trombone) which always intrigued me.
Trumpetplayer Bunk Johnson was also an early influence. In the mid fifties I came across a recording of Bunk with members of the west coast revival band of Lu Watters from San Francisco who recorded in 1944 Ory's Creole Trombone as well.
I still have the LP on the Good Time Jazz label (L-12024) in my collection.The trombonist was Turk Murphy.

Many years later after having moved to Canada I joined Toronto's Climax Jazz Band in 1971 and our band did well. When we were invited to play several TV shows hosted by famous vibraphone player Peter Appleyard it was of course, especially for me, a great honour to have, some 25 years after I heard him for the first time, Turk Murphy being a guest on one of Peter's shows with our band. To my amazement Turk suggested to try Ory's Creole Trombone. Fortunately we had the tune in our repertoire and even Peter, on the vibes, was familiar with the tune. We tried it once and what you see and hear is the first take with all the excitement of playing together for the first time and with the feeling that it works. Turk took the tempo somewhat faster then we were used to, but.... what a treat it was.
After it was all done we had lunch with Turk. It was a great day.Turk Murphy, a superb jazz trombonist and a wonderful person.

( I just got an email from the leader/trombonist of Peruna Jazzmen in Denmark:

Hej Bob
Ory´s Creole trombone with Turk Murphy
You write it was first recorded in 1926 with Armstrongs Hot Five.
I think you know, but forgot it was recorded, june 1922.
Spike´s Seven Pods Of Pebber / Ory´s Sunshine Orchestra.
All The Best
Arne Hojberg

I did not know and thank you for making me aware.Now I have to search and try to find a copy of that first recording which, i found out, even has Mutt Carey on cornet)

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