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lunedì 6 aprile 2009

Mezzrow - Lyttleton 1986

Humphrey Lyttleton and his Band in 1986.
Humph is one of the most unique jazz musicians from the UK.
The tune "Mezzrow" is a 32 bar tune with a wonderful chord pattern to improvise on. One reason or another clarinettist Mezz Mezzrow recorded a tune with these chord patterns several times with his good friend Sidney Bechet
It has always been one of my favourite tunes and wherever we played I tried to fit it into the program. I learned it from one of Humph's recordings.Obviously it was one of Humph's favourites as well.
Here he has set an interesting head arrangement and eventually he changes to clarinet and so do Bruce Turner and Johnny Barnes and the tune ends up with a three clarinet ensemble.This tune is also known as Revolutionary Blues

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