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giovedì 2 aprile 2009

At the Jazz Band Ball - KENNY DAVERN, O, KLEIN, L. PATRUNO

"At the Jazz Band Ball"
Kenny Davern (clarinet), Oscar Klein (cornet), Lino Patruno (guitar), Roy Crimmins (trombone), Isla Eckinger (bass), Gregor Beck (drums).
October 11 and 12, 1983
Original Dixieland Jass Band (ODJB) was a New Orleans band that made the first jazz recording in 1917. The group made the first recordings of many jazz standards, probably the most famous being "Tiger Rag." In late 1917 it changed the name's spelling to "Jazz."

The band consisted of five white musicians who had previously played in the Papa Jack Laine bands, a diverse and racially integrated collection of musicians who played for parades, dances, and advertising in New Orleans.

The O.D.J.B. were billed as the "Creators of Jazz." Trumpeter Nick LaRocca convinced himself (Brunn, 1960), in his old age, that this was literally true, but there is no evidence from the interviews and writings of the other O.D.J.B. members that the rest of the band ever considered it anything more than a snappy advertising slogan.

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