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lunedì 6 aprile 2009

Melancholy Blues - Portena Jazz Band 1972

Melancholy Blues - Portena Jazz Band 1972

Tito Martino and leader Martin Muller announce the band’s playing of the Armstrong classic ‘Melancholy Blues’. Portena plays it a somewhat smaller setting with only one cornet and two saxes in the frontline. An excellent soprano sax solo by Ignacio Mazzanti. I particalarily like the ending in the manner of Louis’ recording but Portena stretches this to good effect.

Youtube is such a wonderful medium for international communucation. I like to mention that without another Brazilan cornet player’s input I would not have been able to get in touch with Tito Martino or Martin Muller, which whom I had some correspondence before he died last July of 2007.
I like to recognize a youtube friend also from Brazil by the name of Joao Massali. Joao is a fine conet player, an educator, he trains young musicians and makes them aware of the beauty of early jazz.
See him play Jelly Roll Morton’s Tom Cat Blues with pianist Alexandre Hage. A fine display of the early jazz approach ( check user alehage)

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