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lunedì 6 aprile 2009

Mike Daniels' Delta Jazzmen -Aunt Hagar's Blues

This band was one of the significant contributors to the New Orleans 'revival' in the U.K. between 1955 and 1965. (And they are still playing). Aunt Hagar's Blues was recorded in around 1957 when the line-up was Mike Daniels tpt. Gordon Blundy tmb. John Barnes clt. Des Bacon pno. Geoff Over bnj. Don Smith bs. and Arthur Fryatt dms.
The photograph must have been taken soon after Don Smith and Arthur Fryatt joined the band in 1956 from the 'Pheonix Jazz Band' -as Arthur still has its logo on his bass drum!
More about the Pheonix band will follow when I have completed some more fact finding

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