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mercoledì 25 febbraio 2009

Kai Olsen :Blue And Brokenhearted

Ib Kai Olsen (IKO), born june 1919 in Copenhagen, is one of the pioneers of danish traditional jazz. After WW2 he joined the then newly established Hot Club of Denmark, among whose members a club band - the first danish trad band - was formed around 1948, mainly inspired from the early british jazz clubs.

As could be expected the beginning was rather mediocre, so Ib felt he could do better than that and bought himself a cornet. After having practised for some time he joined Hot Club Jazz Band and started playing 1. cornet. Later on it separated itself from the now fading Hot Club and became Ib K. Olsen’s Jazz Band.

Since the late seventies the declining public interest in traditional jazz has forced Ib and his men into periods of inactivity, but whenever possible a new group would emerge again. IKO’s present band - his Jazz Friends - has a Hot Five line-up, occasionally increased with a bass player. The group has been together, virtually unchanged, since 1998, and although the average age of the band members now exceeds 70 years, the musical standard is remarkable. Along with the Jazz Friends Ib has also been a key member of Rhythm Gang during nearly the same period.

IKO is a modest and highly estimated Gentleman, and hopefully his horn, reflecting the sound of King Oliver, Papa Celestin and Sam Morgan, shall be with us for still many years.

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