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martedì 21 luglio 2009

Benny Waters & Hot Antic Jazz Band

Some of these days – Benny Waters 1982
Benny Waters & Hot Antic JB 1982.
In the summer of 1982 The Hot Antic Jazz Band played a concert in the town of Uzes just west of Avignon in the southern part of France.
It was just fantastic that they had been able to contract famous alto player Benny Waters to join them, even more fantastic that there was a cameraman with camcorder in the audience.
Michel Bastide, trumpetplayer and leader send me a set of films from this event and we like to share this with you. Benny Waters had a long career, he was born in 1902 in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended the New England conservatory of music where he gave lessons to Harry Carney. He worked with King Oliver, Fletcher Henderson and many others. In 1952 he moved to Paris , from where he performed until his 95th birthday.
John McDonough wrote in Down Beat, "Waters plays it straight down the middle with a sympathetic but contemporary rhythm section, and his strong, gritty-on-demand sound in all registers neither asks nor gives any quarter. His intonation and control are clear and hard as a rock as he twists notes with a raw lyricism. It's that sound more than his ideas that regularly carries his solos to a boil on track after track."
In this tune Hot Antic Jazz Band consists of Michel Bastide on trombone, Jean Francois Bonnel trumpet, Gilles Berrut piano, Jean-Pierre Dubois banjo and Christian Lafevre tuba.


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