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lunedì 8 giugno 2009

Every Tub Scaniazz

Paul Bocciolone Strandberg (co,voc) Arne Höjberg (tb) Jan Nilsson (cl/ ) Björn Ekman (bjo) Anette Strauss(p) Stefan Kärfve(tuba)Hans Bendroth(wb) Och det var i Dec.1981 SCANIAZZ, was a legendary band from the south of Sweden performing worldwide within the original jazz idiom in the 70's-80's. Anyone interested in their recordings and music can get in touch with their former leader Paul Bocciolone Strandberg through
Propongo a tutti gli amici appassionati di jazz classico il video Clip di questa favolosa Jazz Band svedese:la ScanJazz

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